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Automate quality assurance

  • Verify document integrity
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Validate each CARES Certificate of Approval:

For companies serious about collecting and sharing key building information the CARES Cloud is a means to effectively connect the manufacturing origin of the steel and the construction project.

CARES Cloud as a service will help companies with:

  • Compliance with the Golden Thread of Information
  • Collection of assurance evidence from the whole supply chain
  • Access to product information for users and regulators
  • Independent product provenance
  • Verification of key activities and data capture
  • Enable sustainability reporting and accurate as-built carbon management
  • Access the verified Digital Material Passport

CARES Cloud is applicable to the rebar and structural steel supply chains. The solution combines our deep industry expertise, physical independent audits with data collection and verification services on a cloud-based digital eco-system.

A key feature of the CARES Cloud is the ability to check the approval status of the organisations your supply chain hinges on. Construction projects with large and complex procurement processes depend on CARES product certification to ensure CARES certified products conform to the relevant standard.

The CARES Cloud App enables the searching and tracking of certifications issued all over the world and has transformed what was a two-stage manual checking process into a streamlined, automated process.

The CARES Cloud project is an important element of CARES’ strategic commitment to investing in the effective use of technology, enhancing confidence in, and the efficacy of CARES’ assurance services.

Specify CARES certified products and Download the CARES Cloud App to get instant trusted digital traceability from source to site.

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