Transforming product traceability
for safer construction


Revolutionising Reinforcing Steel Supply Chain Management

Trust in safety critical products has been undermined by fake data scandals and major disasters. Consultants and engineers need to know the environmental and performance characteristics of the safety critical rebar they design and commission in their projects.

Simplifying a Complex Supply Chain

The CARES Cloud brings simplicity to complex global supply chains. Each batch of reinforcing steel is tracked digitally from source to site – restoring all-important product confidence. Critically, this product back story enables full digital compliance in support of sustainability, carbon footprint, BREEAM credits and other requirements including CEEQUAL through transparent product data.

The CARES Cloud instantly opens a gateway to real-time visibility of a product’s manufacturing journey from source to site – plus rebar carbon footprint data for each tonne of delivered steel.

Accurate and Reliable Data Collection

The CARES Cloud provides instant, accurate and easily accessible product assurance information. Using customised dashboards, CARES’ sector-leading digital ecosystem opens up a world of instant data – all critical in building confidence and trust in product provenance and performance. Apps allow project leaders, and operatives, easy access to the information they need simply by using handheld scanners and smartphones. Each batch is traced along its manufacturing, procurement, fabrication and delivery journey, replacing vulnerable and outdated paper-based alternatives.

Real-Time Analysis and Connectivity

The CARES Cloud enables real-time analysis of each batch of rebar’s manufacturing source, and an accurate carbon footprint value for each tonne of reinforcing steel delivered to site. It seamlessly connects to other systems via secure Application Programme Interfaces (APIs), transforming procurement and generating an identical ‘digital twin’ of reinforcing steel installed in the project.

Specify CARES certified products and Download the CARES Cloud App to get instant trusted digital traceability from source to site.

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